Development Concept

For the recent decades, design that accentuates open and transparent atmosphere makes entrance point of a building become an important element.

High-class design, comfort and safety are some of the things YKK AP INDONESIA can provided. With high awareness to contribute for environment, YKK AP INDONESIA has a concept of “Green Building” in it’s design and products.

UCW-125 is one of YKK AP INDONESIA’s product that sets out GREEN & CLEAR concept. YKK AP proved as the expert of with a wide experience in Japan and abroad. Those experience and technique has been applied to UCW-125. We offer UCW-125 to give more value and higher performance building to architects and building owner.

Product Performance

*300 Pa
5.4 m3/h.m2 AAMA ASTM E 283
STRUCTURAL 1200 Pa Deflection = L/175 AAMA ASTM E 330
1800 Pa (proof load test) shall be no structural failure or
permanent damage of component
H Maximum
1500 mm
1400 mm
GLASS USAGE Single Glass
Double Glass
6 mm, 8 mm
24 mm (6mm+A12+6mm)

Sharp Image

Sharp image for vertical and horizontal frame

Maximum Dimension

Maximum size W x H = 1500 x 4000 mm

Aluminium Fastener

•No welding work at site
•Fire spark that caused glass damage & easy
•Installation setting

Air Ventilation System

•For environmental consideration
•Prevent insects entry and dust
•Natural air from outside

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